Monday, March 12, 2012



03:30 am wake up call, how awful…It doesn’t matter how many times in my life I’ve been up so early I won’t get use to. After packing my duffle bag and getting ready I sat for breakfast at 4:00 am, I couldn’t eat much but the table was full of food, pancakes, roast potatoes, porridge and more, they obviously tried to get rid of the food leftovers.

After breakfast we walked to the last checking point (05 min), the one the was still closed since opens at 5:30 am and there was a lot people who was waiting for longer than me and all standing, or seating in my case, for the gate to open, it was pitch black; I only could see the flash lights blinding me; it wasn’t nice at all, but I think I was a bit moody for the early wake up.

All change once we started moving and getting in the last part of the trek, only 01 1/2 hour to the SUN GATE. The area is located in the cloud forest so obviously I couldn’t see much around, the path was extremely narrow and people was running and kind of pushing to get there as soon as possible. I said to myself “I won’t break my ankle or fall of the edge in the last minute” so I didn’t bother running, I left people taking over me. If Machu Picchu hasn’t move in the last 500 years, it won’t in the next 02 hours. Most of the people rushes to see the sunrise from the sun gate, I am very sure it must be an incredible experience but I wasn’t ready to break my back in the last minute.

I reached the famous “Gringo Killer Steps”, they are around 50 very steep and long steps, it wasn’t easy but it worth. The Sun Gate was there, all inspiring and full of authority; I could imagine how important was this place long time ago, now half destroyed and full of tourist but long ago it was the very access to Machu Picchu, its soul of power hasn’t gone yet and I could feel it.

I haven’t recovered myself from the impression of this place when I saw thru the main columns; it was there, half hidden by the clouds, still a bit far away in the middle of the thickest forest, perfectly melted with the landscape, it was power, it was strength, it was breath taking, it was MACHU PICCHU.


• Bring; Sun’s block, sun glasses, insect repellent, cap, toilet paper, flash light, rain coat, camera, spare batteries, a few snacks, water canteen, basic toiletries, sleeping bag, a book to read( not much to do after dinner), hiking shoes, sandals, thermal clothes.

• Fitness Level: Medium.

• Best time of the year; APRIL thru OCTOBER.

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