Wednesday, March 7, 2012



This third day a wonderful easy day, of course any day compared with the second day seems like a very easy day, but honestly it is very nice, after walking the third and last pass it was time for me to enjoy the extraordinary landscape surrounding me. Orchids are easy to spot here; don’t miss the Machu Picchu Orchid you will recognize it for its intense fuchsia color.

Well, this day was all the way down hill, and for those who think going up is harder you may try do this after two days walking. I congratulated myself for bringing my walking stick, it was extremely helpful that day since my leg muscle were already relaxed and every step gave that funny pain.

I haven’t mentioned the several archeological sites you visit thru the days of the trek, but they are many. However there was one in particular that I loved and it´s near by the last campsite, its name is Wiñay Wayna (Forever Young), God! What a spectacular place; it was breath taking! I walked down to the bottom palace; it was the best part with a ceremonial table in the middle and the perfect Imperial Style Walls, definitely the best introduction to Machu Picchu.

The famous hot showers don’t exist anymore, and neither the bar at the last campsite so I was a bit disappointed ‘cause I believed I deserved a iced beer for my achievement.

Tea time was a bit different that day, instead of our porters cooking for us, the whole group cooked for them, happily pop corn and friend wontons isn’t rocked science. It was great to see all these porters having fun and enjoying a fraternity time. This little effort from me was a small way to say thanks a lot for all what they have done for me.

After dinner, I took a moment to see the starts, and congratulate myself for achieving the trek, only two more hours walking and I would be at the famous Sun Gate, the ancient and original entrance to Machu Picchu. God, thank you!

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