Tuesday, September 21, 2010



ICA is a region located in the south of the capital, only 4 hours away from the big city a lot of fun, relax and great food is waiting for us.
Only 05 km west from ICA city we find the natural HUACACHINA Oasis surrounded by white sand and big dunes and of course a lot of fun.

This natural resource offers us a not only a relaxing beautiful view but the opportunity to practice SAND BOARD, this tour is in buggies (sort of sand trucks for 4 or 8 people) and they take you in a wild drive to the dessert. For around one hour and a half you will be bumping and screaming in a crazy, but safe ride!!!

 After a few minutes in the car the first stop is in gentle dune where the sand boarding starts, if you are a beginner I would recommend you to lay on the board instead of standing up since you could break your shoulder if you don’t have the right balance, anyway, once you are at the edge of the dune don’t think twice about it just do it and feel the adrenaline on your body.  The inclination of the dunes will get steeper and steeper, but all of them are just fun and more fun
When you lay on the board, keep your elbows on the board and don’t stick them out since you could burn yourself with the hot sand. Besides that keep your legs open and down to give yourself balance and use your feet as breaks in case you want to slow down.
  The landscape is stunning, a great view of the oasis from the top and in some moments the sensation you’re in the middle of nowhere.
-Put on you as much sun block as possible, even more on your face, the sun here is very hard.
-Don’t take a hat; it will be blown up by the wind.
-Don’t wear shoes or sandals, but a good idea would be wearing socks; the sand is f… hot.
-Don’t bring earrings, necklaces, clasped bracelets, mobiles, wallets…you can bring your camera but a good case is recommended you don’t want it gets sandy.
-If the offer you goggles take them you may need them.
I strongly recommend you to visit CURASI RESTAURANT HOTEL , the owner is CIRO ARROYO and his number is +51 (56) 215 401 / 231 634, he will charge you around S/.60 p.p (USD.22) for the buggy tour (driver, entrance to the reserve, sand board and goggles, showers after the tour, towels), then you can leave all your belongings in the restaurant.
This restaurant has a swimming pool as well where you can chill out after the dunes, and don’t let me start about the food…

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