Thursday, September 2, 2010

PORCON FARM - Cajamarca Peru

The northern Peru is plenty of interesting and lovely places to see even when it’s not the touristiest area in the country.
I recently visited an incredible ranch in CAJAMARCA country side and I had a great morning far away from the city noises.
PORCÓN FARM is successful example of a cooperative in Peru, its located  in the north, around 30 km away from the city and the road is pretty good (just a few kms of bumpy road) since is the same route to the famous YANACOCHA Mine (the second biggest Gold Mine in America). To get there the easiest way is taking a taxi for S/. 30 (or USD.12.00) one way (you can take an organized tour as well).

General entrance:  S/.5.00 (USD.1.8)
Student entrance: S/. 2.50 (USD.0.9) – Student ID required.
Around the parking lot there are restaurants and snack shops where you should buy some galletas de animalitos (Sort of vanilla biscuits with animal shapes) to feed the animals that you will see inside the cooperative.
Your visit can be divided in two parts, the cooperative itself and the zoo. The first part of the visit will show you the different workshops that this project develops like; textiles, carpentry, gardening, agriculture and reforestation, in fact this cooperative has more than 12 800 hectares and 10 000 of them have been successfully reforested in the last 25 years.
Visiting the zoo is making a small trip around all the natural areas in Peru, there are animals that simple like rabbits and very impressive lions and tigers.
 You will find pumas, foxes, condors, eagles, monkeys, macaws and a big community of nice geese, and many, many more species.
You don’t really need a guide, since all the cages have the scientist name and the common name of the animals, and walking on your own you will have as much time as you want to see the animal and to rest in the small open areas around.
At the Parking lot:
There are a few restaurants but next to the Dairy shop there is a lady who sells typical food for reasonable prices; it’s a must to eat
-Choclo con queso (sweet boiled corn with fresh cheese)
-Quesillo (non-salty fresh cheese with sugar cane honey)
-Cebiche de trucha (raw trout fish cooked with lime juice)
- Tamal ( corn tamale)
At the workshops:
They have outstanding fabrics with bright colors and original designs, don’t miss the opportunity to buy a unique purse or hand bag!

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