Monday, March 5, 2012


45 km of a lifetime experience!

One of the most famous treks in Peru and probably in the worlds is the Inca Trail. The classical 4days and 3 nights is a great opportunity for a lifetime experience.

It doesn’t matter where you’re staying the night before your trek is going to start on the KM. 82 known as PISCACUCHO Checking Point. There is a big parking lot (remember 500 people is starting that day) with restrooms available for PEN.1.00 and your last chance to buy water (03 liters recommended for the first day). After the picture with the big sign that welcomes you to this adventure is time to go thru the Control Point. Don’t forget your passport since it’s the only valid document to get in the trail and get stamped it!

Crossing the bridge over URUBAMABA River is like crossing the gate to a parallel dimension where the adventure is. It’s time to start walking, depending of your campsites you will have different walking sessions, here my recommended trek.


Piscacucho – Wayllabamba- YUNCACHIMPA

(Around 04 to 06 hours walking session)

Inca trail isn’t really flat, this day I started at 2600 m.a.s.l /7360 feet. And I finised at 3300m/ 9340 f. so if it’s true the walk up is very gradual I nearly made 700 m. The very beginning is demanding so a lot of people think is gonna be like this all the time, but surely it won’t.

Most of the morning, I was walking next to the river so I enjoyed a lot the landscape. I found a few houses selling chicha (traditional corn fermented beer) it was supposed to help me giving extra energy but I know I have a sensitive stomach; and a long term diarrhea wouldn’t help me trekking.

I Walked for 03 hours till the lunch break and I found my first surprise; a three courses meal and I couldn’t really finish it, I’ve never expected to have such a fantastic quality of food, if you ever hear about good food in Inca Trail you won’t be disappointed at all. The bad part of having such a wonderful food rich in carbohydrates is the heavy stomach for the second and last walking session of the day…GOD HELPED ME!

There are 03 more hours to YUNCACHIMPA campsite with basic facilities; ‘long drops’ and sinks.

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