Friday, January 6, 2012


There are some places in the world where tourist impact only brings bad consequences, I’m very sure is always easy to name one in each country. For me discovering the famous Lake Titicaca was one of the most overwhelming experiences of my life, those who has been there will be agree with me. The natural landscape is amazing, the blue of the water is deep and calm, the dimensions are hard to calculate and the snowcapped mountains represent the perfect frame for the perfect picture, but despite all the wonders of this lake, there is a place that simply doesn’t worth visiting; Taquile Island.

I am very sure in every single guide book you will be read about this “magic place”, that claims to be the place with the best male knitters in the world, and the quality of textiles are the best in the world, and etc. and etc. Well, sorry for disappointing you guys but there isn’t more tourist place in my country than this one. First of all, the only magic you can get in this island is when you are not looking at it, the view of the lake from the island is unbeatable but the island itself has lost a lot since the new buildings made out of cement replaced the mud bricks’ ones. Second, you barely can see knitter men, most of the old school men with this fantastic skill rather staying at home and sending their products to the “handicraft communal center” at the main square, those who go to the Square are waiting for pictures and charged you for that, but that’s not the worst part and this brings me to number 3; once you are in the Main Square at least a dozen of little girls will approach to you trying to sell handmade bracelets (no made by them btw since I went to the real community where these bracelets are produced) and follow you till you buy one, or take a picture of them for a small money tip, what is bad about this you may be wondering, well once you arrive to the square it will be around 10 or 11 am, hours that in Peru represents school time, all these little girls must be in the average age of 8 so they should be at school.

Unfortunately all the tours take you to this island, but if you can stay the less possible make it. You won’t miss much.


Try to organize your tour to visit the island on the catholic festivities such as; August 15th (Assumption Virgin’s Day) or June 24th (Winter Solstice). You will see a real celebration with all the inhabitants being part of it.


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