Friday, August 20, 2010


…live the legend.
Cusco city is full of different cultural activities, but sometimes people gets a bit tired of archeological sites or museums, however this city will surprises you once again with a great stage production, KUSIKAY.
Every night from Monday thru Saturday at 7.30 pm the light of GARCILAZO Theater goes on and an amazing show starts. KUSIKAY specializes in creating plays that integrates elements from theater, circus, dance, music and live folklore. Presenting outstanding pieces that allows the audience to get in touch with the ancient Peruvian culture.

The season 2010 presents the play PAUCARTANPU, this fabulous story is inspired in the traditional feast of the Virgen del Carmen or Mamacha Carmen, which takes places every year from the 15th to 19th of July in the province of Paucartanpu in Cusco.
The play recreates an imaginary journey in which a tourist, a couple of bakers and a drunkard get involved in highly emotional situations that lead them to discover the Andean roots, which mix elements of the Spanish and Andean cultures.
By means of dance and music by using a good sense of humor, the drunkard meets the demons, which turn him into the juggler of the festival, forcing him with his pirouettes to defy the laws of gravity. Meanwhile, the couple of bakers interacts with the audience and the dancers, while the tourist, immersed in his desire to take the best shots of the trip, does the inconceivable and ends so distracted in the middle of the waca wacas.
Besides the dances, we will discover in this play the encounter of two cultures and the religious syncretism between the Spaniards and the Andean. The merging of these two worlds that has resulted in a mestizo Peru, rich in traditions. KUSIKAY puts the music and enriches this production with novel and traditional themes, fusing ancient and modern instruments.
I invite you to enjoy this highly recommended play, full of color, music, dance and Peruvian spirit that will be the best complement of your trip to Peru.
Address:             Calle Unión 117, Cusco Peru
Telephones:       + 51 84 255414
E mail:         
General ticket: S/.105.00 (peruvian soles or USD.38 aprox)
Students:S/.45.00 (with International ID)
Peruvians:S/.45.00 (with DNI)
Cusco citizens:S/.20.00 (with DNI)

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